Color. Frame. Hang! – Vol II [Sample]

You know, coloring to relax is always a great idea! But not only.

It’s also a rewarding avenue for creative expression.

You may be an ‘amateur’, or master at blending just the right combinations of hues, and contrasting tones to create an effective 3D effect on the page,  or just an all around
super coloring enthusiast.

No matter which box you’re likely swerving to steer clear of, TriibuTM has a freebie or two, just for the you, you are!

So relax, and be inspired to add your flair to a
FREE Sample page from this volume now!

And do Tag to let us see your work.

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We know you do.

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There’s no guilt with enjoying your favorite pass-time.

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You’ll be glad you did.

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Color.Frame.Hang! © Triibu

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