Cut. Paste. Junk It! JKit.00100 [Freemium]


Decorative ephemera design elements freemium with the purchase of Cut. Paste. Junk It! 00100.

Buy it or get the freemium code when purchase the j-kit here, and use it to further adorn your unique junk journal.

NOTE: (1) Your patronage supports an independent artist, and is most appreciated. THIS FILE IS NOT TO BE SOLD. (2) Digital Products are non-refundable.


This freemium accompanies the junk kit

Cut. Paste. Junk It! 00100.

It includes one (1) zip file containing:

  • 29 Individual Digital Hand-drawn Elements
  • PNG file.
  • 300DPI Resolution

Upon completion of your order, you will receive an email for instant download.

Click the pic below to buy the full kit book.


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