Color. Frame. Hang! Vol – VII


C.F.H! _ Vol VII is the third, of seven, in this series by Triibu™. This volume is comprised of a collection of eighteen unique perfectly imperfect hand-drawn pieces of art that await you bringing them to life, with color and depth.



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  • Hand-drawn mandalas
  • Rich matte and frameable cover
  • Perfectly sized to travel with
  • Palettes to mix and test colors

This series was designed with the idea that after you’ve enjoyed a relaxing time coloring, each can be framed individually or as a collection, and hung as part of your decor. Or, gift them by the page, a few or all, For gifting, the back of each piece has dedicated space to include a note to the recipient.

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    You know, coloring to relax is always a great idea! It’s also a rewarding avenue for creative expression. So relax and e inspired to add your flair to a FREE Sample page from this volume now!

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    Color.Frame.Hang! © Triibu

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